Champion Program Design

Running a champion, ambassador, or MVP program can be a great way to motivate and reward your developer community.


If your developer community has a group of extra motivated members, how do you make sure they get what they need at the same time as harnessing their enthusiasm to support your program's goals?

Work with Hoopy to build a developer champions program and we'll give you a practical, actionable handbook that tells you how to run a program that ties into your company and dev rel strategies. We'll help you define the roles, goals, and programs you need to run and provide you with a calendar that shows you what to do throughout the year.

What you get

Program handbook
We'll give you a practical manual and calendar that your team can implement.

Actionable initiatives
Know what to do and when in order to nurture your champions and build your program.

Builds on your strategy
We'll help you understand how champions fit into your broader strategy and the role they play.

How it works

We'll work with you to understand your dev rel and company strategies. Then we'll dive deep into your existing developer community to understand the motivations and experiences of your members.

From there, we'll help you define the shared goals of your champions program, the roles that developers will play in it, and the practical day to day initiatives that will help you build and run that program.

At the end of the engagement you'll have a practical handbook and calendar that your team can follow to operate the champions program.

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