Evaluation Journey Audit

How easy is it for developers to understand and evaluate your product? We'll assess your evaluation journey and give you actionable ways to improve.


Developers evaluate your product based on how credible your organisation is, what other people are saying about the product, the community you've built, and the effectiveness of your solution. Uncover stumbling blocks in your evaluation journey to ensure developers get the best view of your offering prior to signing up.

What you get

80 point audit
Thorough audit of your evaluation journey against industry best practice.

Competitive comparison
For each point, we'll show how your main competitor compares and how that impacts you.

Actionable guidance
We'll provide clear, actionable guidance on how to improve your evaluation journey.

How it works

When you're close to a product, it's not always obvious how to help others understand it. This audit compares the major points of the journey that a developer would take in evaluating your product and compares it against the same journey for your main competitor.

The audit covers the following areas in the context of the evaluation journey:

  • Social media presence
  • First impressions
  • Product selection information
  • The zero to 'hello world' journey
  • Public facing docs and education
  • Support
  • Community engagement
Hoopy's consultants provide a thorough report that tells you how and where to improve, what you can learn from your main competitor, and provides a comparison against industry best practice.

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