Developer Experience Audit

An objective review of your product's developer experience covering 160 data points.


Developers need a clear, frictionless experience if they're going to evaluate and adopt your product. A DX audit from Hoopy shows where you need to improve, where you're doing well, and provide guidance on what to do next.

What you get

Objective review
You get a thorough review of your DX against industry best practices.

Actionable guidance
We show you where to improve and specifically what your team needs to do.

Playback session
We present the highlights to your team in a playback video call or, when Covid allows, in person.

How it works

The Hoopy team conducts a thorough audit of your developer experience, revieiwng it against a set of data points that continuously review and update to ensure they match developer expectations.

Following the review, we deliver an audit document that provides you with a score and detailed recommendations in areas such as:

  • onboarding
  • getting started, goal oriented, and reference documentation
  • API and SDK completeness quality
  • support, community, and more.
Following delivery of the audit, you'll have an actionable plan on how to improve your developer experience in order to remove friction, enable developers, and increase adoption.

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Xero’s platform powers small business success, and we’re always on the lookout to make our developer experience even better for our 800+ app partners and the 70,000+ active users of our open API. We engaged Hoopy to audit, which included analysing our developer journey using their multi point assessment process.

The Hoopy team was awesome to work with, keeping us regularly updated and engaging stakeholders across multiple levels to ensure their review was widely understood. Thanks to their expertise and valuable insights, we’ve been able to take our developer experience to the next level.

Dan Young, GM, Xero Developer Platform

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