Dev Rel Strategy

Actionable and measurable developer relations strategy that gets to the heart of what your product, organisation, and target developers need.


There isn't a 'one size fits all' approach to developer relations. What works for one company probably won't work for yours.

Collaborate with Hoopy and we'll help you define the developer relations strategy that meets your organisation's goals. With you, we'll identify the developer relations framework, goals, team, and strategic programs that will deliver for your corporate strategy and your developer community.

What you get

Understand why
Specify why you need dev rel and what that means for the model you adopt.

Define success
Set measurable goals that feed back into your organisation's corporate strategy.

Set metrics
Whether it's to report progress or for internal team use, we'll help you define what to measure.

Actionable initaitives
Detailed strategic initiatives to give you team a concrete action plan, within your budget.

Developer segmentation
Understand the motivations, needs, places, and preferences of your target developers.

Team structure and roles
Know who you need to hire and how to divide responsibilties.

Research backed
Developer research to validate your proposition and your program.

Alliances and network
Work with the Hoopy network to connect with complementary programs and influencers.

How it works

Using the Hoopy Developer Relations Framework, we'll work with you to select the type of developer relations program that best suits your needs, budget, and corporate goals.

Through extensive research, we'll put your program in its competitive context, get to know your target developers, and guage how developers perceive your company.

At the end of the process we'll deliver an actionable, measurable strategy that your team can run with. We'll also organise regular catch-up sessions with you and your team as you come to implement the program.

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