Developer user research

Develop an evidence basis for your dev rel and DX strategies.


Understanding how real developers think, work, and act is essential to creating effective dev rel programs and developer experiences. Work with us to get actionable, research based insights.

What you get

Ethnographic research
Observe developers as they use your products, unveiling friction points and weaknesses.

Interviews and focus groups
Uncover your target developers' prejudices, preferences, and needs.

Gain quantative and qualitative insights from larger groups of developers.

Video and transcripts
For each session you'll get video, audio, and transcripts.

Analysis and guidance
We provide analysis and recommendations based on our findings.

How it works

At Hoopy we have years of experience in running research projects to discover how developers think, collaborate, and act. Engage us to help uncover the insights you need and we'll develop a custom research project that works with developers who match your target segments. Following the research phase, we'll draw up a report that outlines the research findings and gives you actionable recommendations for what this means for your team, product, and strategy.

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