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Hoopy is the world's leading developer relations consultancy, working with clients globally to ensure they have the right strategy to build awareness, adoption, and community amongst software developers.

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We believe that software developers play a unique role in the world. And whether you work with them as customers, users, contributors, or colleagues, then you need to tailor your strategy to their specific needs.

Our job is to help you build actionable, research-based strategies that work towards your goals while also helping your target developers to meet their goals. We do that through research, analysis, auditing, strategy development, ongoing consulting, and execution support.

We also run the DevRelCon event series, the DeveloperRelations.com website, and a series of research-based reports on dev rel industry practice.

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At the heart of the dev rel community

We 💖 the dev rel community. We see it as our mission to bring the developer relations community together, both at in-person events and online

Through DevRelCon, meet-ups, and DeveloperRelations.com we want to provide a forum for anyone to learn, share, and grow in developer relations.

Hoopy research and publications

State of DevRel 2020

State of developer relations 2020

Discover budgeting, strategic, and tactical insights from developer relations practitioners and teams across the world. New in the 2020 edition of the State of DevRel, read how Covid-19 is affecting developer relations programmes worldwide.

State of developer relations 2019

Get a snapshot of the methods, strategies, and concerns of developer relations teams as they were in 2019.

Our team

Matthew Revell

Matthew Revell

Principal Consultant

Shropshire, England

Matthew Revell is a well known speaker and writer on developer relations topics. He founded both DevRelCon and Hoopy to help enrich the practice of dev rel.

Before Hoopy, Matthew spent over a decade building developer relations and marketing strategies for companies including Couchbase, Basho, and Canonical.

Joe Nash

Joe Nash

Associate Consultant

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Joe is a developer educator with Twilio and previously led GitHub's Campus Experts programme, building and activating a worldwide community of student developers. Prior to that, he held developer relations roles in the games and finance industries.

Today, he works with Hoopy's clients to deliver mutually valuable developer community strategies.

Phil Leggetter

Phil Leggetter

Associate Consultant

Clackmannanshire , Scotland

Phil's role as a developer relations and platform experience leader saw him build Nexmo's DevRel and DX programme from scratch through to successfully integrating the team into Vonage post acquisition.

Alongside leading a new developer relations team, Phil advises Hoopy clients on developer experience and developer relations strategy.

Dave Hughes

Dave Hughes

Head of Design

North Yorkshire, England

Dave has developed the Hoopy and DevRelCon brands since day one, ensuring our research, events, and client work reach the right audiences and communicate their message clearly.

Manuela Maranhao

Manuela Maranhao

Client Relations

Braga, Portugal

Manuela ensures that Hoopy's clients and partners have the best experience, whether as part of our events, research programmes, or private client work.

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