Developer Experience expert Cristiano Betta joins Hoopy

Developer relations is about more than building developer awareness. Without a solid developer experience, even the most exciting product is less likely to succeed. When we are end-users of software, we expect beautifully crafted user experiences. So, why should we expect anything less as developers? Cristiano Betta has built a reputation as the leading expert […]

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The software developer’s customer journey

Storytelling seems to be hardwired into the human brain. Thanks to Joseph Campbell and others, we know that a handful of story shapes appear repeatedly across time and cultures. The story of how someone comes to choose a particular product is one of the most important things a marketer can know. From first awareness through to buying […]

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Welcome to the Hoopy blog

  • September 1, 2016

  • Matthew Revell

  • General

Thanks for stopping by the Hoopy blog! Hoopy is a consultancy that helps companies who have products that are targeted at software developers. If you have a developer-targeted product then you can’t use the same old marketing you’ve tried before. Developers are cynical and yet follow technology fashions. They work with facts, not fluff. They expect honesty […]

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