Join the Hoopy team

Hoopy is the world's leading developer relations and developer experience consultancy. We help companies across the world to make developers happy. And we're looking for full-time, part-time and freelance people to join our team.

Freelance writers

Location: global.

Are you that rare person who can write compelling, well-structured English and who understands both the tech industry and the developer mindset? If you can also write to a deadline, adjust your style to suit the client and hit the required fact-points, then we'd love to chat with you.

Freelance demo creators

Location: global.

We're looking for people who can take a new tech –– API, framework, tooling or whatever –– and create inspirational, educational demos that focus on walking the reader/viewer through one or more use cases. It doesn't matter if you focus on one or many language audiences and you don't need to write well, either. If you like the idea of getting paid to play with new tech and helping other developers learn that tech, get in touch.

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