18.5 million software developers.
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Credible developer outreach and community

Software developers rule the world. Gone are the days when the CTO made decisions from on high. Now, if developers are your end users then it's them you need to win over.

Hoopy can help you create and implement strategies to build awareness, education and community amongst software developers. Don't turn to the same old marketing techniques: instead, work with us to build lasting relationships with developers.

Why developer relations?

Software developers have been sharing code, tools and ideas ever since the Difference Engine. That sharing is ingrained in developer culture. It's how Docker, NodeJS and Git grew to massive adoption.

Not every developer-focused product gets there on its own. Don't leave it to chance. Work with Hoopy to build excitement, generate adoption and, ultimately, find customers.

How does it work?

We'll evaluate your goals and the developer communities you want to target, and advise on the right mix of outreach, education and community building.

Based on that research, we'll create a developer relations and marketing strategy to get your product in front of developers.

Once you're ready, we'll help you build your team. Or, if you prefer, we'll work with you long term to implement your strategy.

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Meet-ups, lunch 'n' learns and conferences are how many developers discover new technologies. We'll devise the right events mix for your product then attend, speak at and organise those events on your behalf.


Blog posts, videos, podcasts and other content are the most scalable way to build awareness of your product. We'll produce compelling informative content for you and help place it where it'll get most exposure.



Turn interest into commitment through a great education programme. We'll advise on and build your developer portal, create courseware and both produce and deliver workshops, to get developers fully engaged with your product.



Great community makes your developer tool sustainable. We can help you create the framework, through MVP-style programmes and community best practice, to make your developer community a rewarding place to be.

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